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More than a few health advocates recommend sipping water throughout the day as the best way to drink water. While this may be sound advice for tap, bottled, or even purified waters, it is entirely wrong for AquaLiv Water.

Water is restructured by the body for various uses. In many cases, electrons are needed to restructure water- a direct energy expenditure. For example, the highest-energy hexagonal form of water is used to provide a dense support lattice for DNA while at the same time shielding the DNA from free radical damage. These electrons come from the body's own electrical potential, including any antioxidant compounds that may be circulating. Of course, we want to keep our electrical potential as high as possible and use those antioxidant compounds for neutralizing free radicals, not processing our drinking water. Sipping non-enhanced water is a good thing. The body's electrical potential will not drop too low and antioxidant compounds will not be expended.

Enhanced or structured water is different. AquaLiv Water is already in the high-energy hexagonal form. When AquaLiv Water is processed by the body, it often adds to the body's electrical potential. It also never depletes the body's antioxidant reserves. In the case of AquaLiv Water, simply sipping all day will severely limit your benefits. This is also why AquaLiv Water has a very high antioxidant effect while having a slightly positive Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) measurement. (A positive ORP measurement usually means a substance is oxidizing.)


Consume a minimum of 8 ounces (235mL) at a time

The purpose of drinking larger volumes, in addition to the electrical and antioxidant potential mentioned above, is twofold. First, the goal is complete hydration. The foods, beverages, pollution, and stress of modern living, rarely allow for anyone to be perfectly hydrated. Second, we need enhanced water in excess of what is required for mere hydration. This provides a signal to the body to jump detoxification processes into overdrive.


Avoid drinking AquaLiv Water (or any water) within 30 minutes of eating or until two hours after eating

If you are drinking adequately throughout the day, there is no reason to drink while eating. If you feel you must drink something, sip as little as possible. Know that this is a sure sign you are already dehydrated. Drinking while eating dilutes your digestive acids and enzymes. Your body must now work harder to digest your food. If you are one of those people who monitors your pH due to chronic acidosis, simply following this rule will cause your body to create much less acidic compounds.


Monitor the total volume of water you drink

The general rule of thumb is to consume half your body weight (pounds) in ounces of water every day. For someone who weighs 180 pounds, this would be 90 ounces or 2.6 liters. Are you overweight for your frame, suffering from disease, chronically fatigued, eating a less than perfect diet, or living a less than natural lifestyle? If yes, you need to drink more!


Consider jumpstarting your hydration and detoxification with the AquaLiv Cleanse

When waking in the morning, rinse your mouth with an all-natural antiseptic mouthwash. Then, proceed to drink one liter of AquaLiv Water all at once. This will get your day off to a great start by eliminating or neutralizing those metabolic nasties that build up at night. Yes, you may not be able to drink a whole liter at first, but you will with practice. AquaLiv Water doesn't leave you with a bloated feeling for anywhere near as long as ordinary water.


In summary, getting the most benefit from AquaLiv Water requires drinking at least 8oz at a time. Sipping will only limit your benefits and make it very hard to consume the recommended daily volume of water.


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