Better Health by the Glass

AquaLiv effectively hydrates and detoxifies cells and the body responds with amazing results. AquaLiv users report a number of benefits including better health, more youthful appearance, increased energy and improved resistance to the common cold. Read our testimonials to learn more about how AquaLiv Water has been helping people improve their lives since 2006.


"My wife and I have been using the AquaLiv Water System for a couple of months now… My wife has lost 8 lbs and I have lost 13 lbs. We both seem to feel more energetic and less fatigued…”


Ever wonder why people pay several dollars for a bottle of spring water?

Some people sense that spring water is more alive. It feels different. While bottled spring water is more alive than ordinary water, even the best bottled spring water has lost most of its vitality. The qualities that make it special are destroyed in the pumping and bottling process.


"Hello, first I have to say I am in LOVE with this water! .. all my skin all over my body is clearer and glows. I even see my hair is shinier and eyes are lighter…”

Jackie D., RN



AquaLiv Water = Better Health

The AquaLiv Water Revitalizer installs under the kitchen sink and creates AquaLiv Water. Water so powerful that it literally improves health. AquaLiv Water feels lighter in the mouth and never leaves you 'waterlogged', even if you drink a whole liter at once! Add the AquaLiv Water Revitalizer to any under the sink water purification system and feel the difference yourself. The AquaLiv Water Revitalizer is also a component of the AquaLiv Water System which includes purification and enhancement.


"As for our results, they are really quite miraculous.  I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic...  Once I started drinking the water, my levels dropped significantly.  And, after only a few weeks of drinking the water, I was able to decrease my insulin dosage and still maintain my blood sugar levels where they should be.”

Katie M., Kirkland, WA


The revolutionary AquaLiv Water System installs under the kitchen sink

  • Removes most impurities and contaminants
  • Leaves in the beneficial minerals that reverse osmosis systems strip away
  • Creates Energized Structured Water
  • Creates a healthful, stable alkaline pH 1
  • No electricity needed to run the system
  • System is eco-friendly—no water is wasted unlike reverse osmosis water filters 2
  • Increases circulation and blood oxygen levels 3
  • Stabilizes blood sugar 4
  • Safe for people and pets of all ages
  • No side-effects like most alkaline water ionizers & reverse osmosis water
  • Costs less than inferior systems
  • Maintenance free – filter cartridges last up to one year or 1000 gallons
  • Designed and Assembled in U.S.A.
  • NSF Independently Certified Components
  • 90-day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee 5
  • Generous Referral / Affiliate Program - Earn 15%!


"Through all my research, there is not a water filtration system on the market that can compare to the AquaLiv Water System. I am so impressed with these filter's superior capacity to not only remove physical contaminants, but go above and beyond standard water purification by erasing the electromagnetic resonance or "memory" of the contaminants as well. AquaLiv has brilliantly infused cutting edge technology into this very affordable system that for the first time allows you to have water in your home as pure and as clean as an artesian spring in nature. I recommend AquaLiv to all my patients so they too can hydrate and cleanse their body with energized living-water."

Dr. Andrew Iverson, author Nature's Diet
Medical Director, TRILIUM HEALTH


Why AquaLiv Water is a better choice than common alkaline water ionizers

When it comes to pH, common alkaline water ionizers create an artificial alkalinity by splitting apart water molecules with electricity. This creates an illusion of alkalinity, but in nature, water is alkaline due to the presence of alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium. And in nature, the pH always perfectly corresponds to the mineral content. There are many developments in science that attempt to outsmart Nature. Most have side-effects and common alkaline ionized water is no different. The AquaLiv Water System was designed to create the most perfect water that could ever be found in Nature. You will notice the difference.

Read the article Alkaline Water Exposed - What They Don't Tell You to learn more about the difference between a natural pH and the artificial pH created by common alkaline water ionizers.

Don't take our word for it though- Read our Testimonials to learn more about how AquaLiv is helping people improve their lives.


"I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue 1.5 years ago by a medical doctor... Once I started drinking AquaLiv Water, I've doubled the amount of work I do at home..."

Karen H. Murfreeseoro, TN




  1. Typically 8-9.5 depending on source water (read The Truth About Alkaline Water Ionizers - Common Misconceptions About pH)
  2. Most reverse osmosis water systems and ro water filters waste several gallons of water for every gallon of drinking water they produce
  3. Measured by Masimo Pulse Oximeter
  4. Reported by diabetic AquaLiv Water drinkers who test their blood sugar
  5. Customer responsible for packing and shipping unit. We do not offer refunds on systems damaged during shipping. Insurance strongly suggested. We do not accept returns on systems that have been unsealed or tampered with. If internal tamper seals in the Revitalizer indicate system has been opened or abused, the system will not be refunded.

"I have arthritis in both my hands which causes pain and discomfort of a 8-9/10 on a pain scale… After 2 months on the AquaLiv water… I would say that the pain in my hands has pretty much fallen by the wayside and not detectable at all…”

Joyce R., RN